Remains of ancient times or invitation to modern dreaming, discover these urban treasures through pictures…

When people speak about sculpture in Troyes, everyone always think first about the hundreds of sculptures that adorn the churches in the Tricasse city and that illustrate the « Beautiful 16st ».

However, they might be made of stone, marble or even stainless steel, figurative or abstract: many sculptures also decorate the public space.

Formost of them, they were made in the 19th or in the early 20th century. Theydepict busts in honour of local characters of these times or mythological orpoetic scenes celebrating entertainment.

Manyof these sculptures have disappeared over time, destroyed by violent weatherconditions or wiped out during wars. Others have been replaced by marble whentheir bronze were missing. 

The 21st century is also represented with three sculptures that decorate the Seine banks: Lili, the Young Lady and the kiss and the Heart of the city.

text: city of troyes)