Le Cœur

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The Heart - Quai des Comtes de Champagne
Designed by Aube artists Michèle and Thierry Kayo-Houël, Le Cœur de Troyes is the centerpiece of the redevelopment of the quays of the Haute Seine canal.

Created by the Sotralinox workshop, this lacework is made up of over 200 pieces of stainless steel assembled together, weighing one and a half tonnes, 4 m wide, 3.5 m high and 2 m deep.

At dusk, dressed in red lights, the heart lights up, and as spectators move forward, a camera and computer program animate the light beats: it's a beating heart!
Placed right in the middle of the "cork", between its body and its head, this heart also symbolizes the romanticism of the historic city.


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