David tendant la fronde

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David tending the slingshot - Musée Saint Loup garden

Based on a plaster model created in 1842 at the Villa Médicis by Jean-Marie Bienaimé Bonnassieux, a sculptor originally from Lyon, the statue of David was cast in bronze in 1877 by the Gruet foundry.

David prepares to sling the stone that will kill the giant Goliath.
A biblical episode symbolizing the struggle of the weak against the powerful.

This sculpture originally stood on the Patton traffic circle in Troyes. In 1964, after the roundabout was redesigned, it was transferred to the Chevreuse garden.
Damaged by a storm in 1999, it was restored and brought back to the garden of the Musée St Loup, where it remains to this day.


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