Sculpture urbaine en Verre : Élévation, bleus nymphéas

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Elevation, blue water lilies
A monumental glass sculpture on Place de la Tour in Troyes

A large glass sculpture has been installed on the Place de la Tour, in a fountain with a square basin. This 500 kg piece of glass, with a steel structure supporting 20 glass panels allowing the light to play and topped by a crystalline spire, represents a real challenge. With the collaboration of Didier Duchêne, Compagnon du Devoir and manager of the CMD² metal works in Estissac, Jean-François Lemaire, glass artist, has created what is undoubtedly the first large-scale urban glass art sculpture in France. This work, which expresses several themes with the vocabulary of contemporary art, was commissioned by the City of Troyes. The themes that the artist and the City had agreed to develop from spring 2018 are related to history, water and the colour blue. The project is also a tribute to the painter Claude Monet, who so often painted the reflections of light on rivers, ponds and streams.

Sources: Catherine Divet