La Feuille

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After the rehabilitation of the market, begun in April 2017, and its square, renovated in the first half of 2019, the installation of La Feuille, a new work by the Kayo-Houël couple, completes the redesign of the square in front of Les Halles.

The leaf, a new emblem for the Market
Made of microblasted stainless steel (microblasting is a surface treatment consisting in projecting microbeads onto a stainless steel or aluminium part), La Feuille monumental, by Thierry and Michèle Kayo-Houël, brings modernity to the square in front of the Marché des Halles.
The sculpture was entirely made locally: designed by these artists residing in Payns, with the assistance of the metalworking and ironwork company Arts et Forges, in La Chapelle Saint-Luc, and the Ateliers de carrosserie Bonenfant, in Buchères, it was finally transported and installed by Trans Manu Machines, based in Bréviandes, all with the support of the City of Troyes' services.
The Leaf is reminiscent of the iconic sculpture of the Heart of Troyes, created by the same artists, installed on the Quai des Comtes de Champagne.

The work is also useful: it has a guardrail function and conceals the staircase hopper used as an emergency exit from the car park located under the square.

At night, coloured lighting allows you to discover the sculpture in a new light. Light will change with the seasons: orange in the fall, blue in winter, green in spring and red in summer.

This installation is completed by safety posts and two benches whose stainless steel backs reflect the design of the sculpture.

The sheet in figures:
- Microblasted stainless steel structure with dimensions of 3.54 m high; 7.5 m long; 7 m wide,
- 185 linear metres of 42 mm diameter round tube,
- 2.5 tons including 125 m² of 4 mm thick stainless steel sheet,
- 140 hours of study, 3D plotting and modeling,
- 1600 hours of manufacturing in the workshop,
- 40 hours of waterjet cutting,
- 70 hours of bead blasting with a projection of 1 ton of glass microbeads at 5 bars (pressure force).

A requalified square
From March 4 to May 29, the square in front of Les Halles was completely redesigned. This square of nearly 3500 m², is covered with granite paving stones in the spirit of the redevelopment carried out in the city centre.

The TCAT station was destroyed on this occasion and the agglomeration's transport services are now located in a commercial cell on Rue de la République, at the foot of City Hall.

It welcomes foreign markets on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays mornings in optimal comfort and safety conditions.