For me, the champagne cork is: The happy coincidence of the encounter between the built heritage, the history of the city, and the local know-how, the champagne. In the heart of Troyes, it’s impossible to miss the importance of the city’s past, a slow but lasting construction that today radiates throughout France and beyond.

My favourite recipe: A recipe made with Chaource… Always a delight! And when it’s melted, it’s even better!

My little slice of heaven: The quays of the Seine, where you can walk around to enjoy the freshness of the water, admiring the sculptures that run along the river, right to your heart’s content. The lush green spaces and the majestic fountains offer a calm that is pleasant to enjoy when the day ends.

Never leave Troyes before: Go up the whole rue Emile Zola, to enjoy the sun and admire the magnificent half-timbered houses, until you reach the Place Jean-Jaurès, in front of the Bourse du Travail. Listening to the bells of the church of St. Nicholas, you can sit on a bench near the trees to enjoy the peace and quiet.