For me, the Champagne cork is: The shape of the city that makes my heart beat and the special attribute of my favourite drink.

My favourite recipe: Any dish made with truffles or Chaource. And I am the happiest when the two are mixed together, for example in the dish “Nominettes truffles/chaource”.

My little corner of paradise: Without any hesitation, the “head” of the famous “Champagne cork”. It is the oldest part of the historic heart of Troyes, often forgotten in favour of the “body” of the cork. For me, it has a special flavour, maybe because of the magnificent cathedral and also because of the great atmosphere of the suburb.

Never leave Troyes before Never leave Troyes before: walking around the historic centre by night. Many areas have been restored and the light settings enhance the beauty of the city and give a new point of view.

Photo © Camille T.