Drive Fermier (Regroupement de producteurs)

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Le Drive Fermier de l'Aube is a formula for consuming truly local products.

There are 29 producers from Aube, members of the association Drive Fermier de l'Aube, to offer you this service.

All their farms practice a "farm" agriculture: they are small in size, the production and processing methods meet the requirements of the farm name and the Welcome to the Farm specifications.

They wish to make you discover every week fresh, diversified and seasonal products.
You will find products from conventional and organic farming, all from the Aube or neighbouring departments (but necessarily located less than 80 km from the collection point).

No obligation to buy, no minimum order amount, you just have to place your order between Monday noon and Wednesday midnight. They prepare your order and drop it off in your vehicle on Friday of the same week, between 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm, in St André-les-Vergers at the Ferme Triaulaire (16 avenue d'Echenilly).

Don't hesitate to consume locally!

It's simple, fast, practical and the products are delicious!

The producers of the Drive:
EARL de la Fontaine à Fouchères (endives)
EARL La Fontaine aux Loups in Saint-Germain (market gardening)
The Farmers' Palace at Grange-l'Evêque (market gardening)
La Ferme du Bornet in Bouilly (apples and apple juice)
EARL de la Fontaine Saint-Martin in Val-d'Auzon (Charolais beef)
Elevage Verhaegen in Dienville (Blonde d'Aquitaine beef)
Le Paty d'Arrelles in Arrelles (farm poultry and fattened ducks)
L'Escargotière des Lacs in Chapelle-Vallon (snails)
La Ferme du chemin d'Origny in Romilly/Seine (eggs)
EARL du Champ Roy à Champ/Barse (cheese and dairy products)
GAEC des Tourelles in Ervy-le-Châtel (cheese)
Mademoiselle Chèvre à Coussegrey (goat cheese)
La Ferme du Charme du Moulin à Beauvoir/Sarce (goat cheese)
EARL La Fringale in Lasson (89) (breads, buns and cakes)
La Ferme d'Hotte à Eaux-Puiseaux (ciders, apple juice, ratafia, liqueurs, oils and lentils)
EARL Olivier Lassaigne in Montgueux (champagne)
EARL de la Chaillotière in Chapelle-Vallon (red fruits)
EARL du Biat in Yèvres-le-Petit (potatoes)
La Ferme de la Marque in Champ/Barse (dairy products)
SARL Au Paradis du Porc à Clesles (51) (delicatessen and pork cutting)
EPL de Saint-Pouange (lamb in a box)
Les Ruchers Tricasses in Clerey (honey)
Les Vergers du Pays d'Othe in Bercenay-en-Othe (cider and apple juice)
Les Jardins de Villy in Villy-le-Maréchal (strawberries)
La Ferme de Benoît et Amélie in Verricourt (organic pork and charcuterie)
EARL Parthiot in Chaserey (Bourgogne pinot noir)
Ferme des Trois Vallons in Bragelogne-Beauvoir (durum wheat pasta)
GAEC des Truites de l'Aube in Veuxhaulles-sur-Aube (trout and brook salmon)
La Ferme de Courcelle in Clerey (organic vegetables and eggs)


Opening from 01 January 2023 to 31 December 2023
Friday 16h00 to 19h30

Opening from 01 January 2024 to 31 December 2024
Friday 16h00 to 19h30