Charcuterie des Halles – Charcuterie Maury

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This is undoubtedly where you'll find one of the best andouillettes in Troyes, hand-tossed on the square.

Light, not greasy and fragrant, this andouillette with a taste for the real thing goes wonderfully well with a little Chablis sauce.

Patrick Maury, a master charcuterie-caterer, has made this his specialty and his reputation.

Numerous trophies and awards for excellence, won by Patrick or his son Maxime, are displayed in the store to whet the appetite. Boudin blanc and boudin noir (gold medallist 2015), foie gras (French champion 2012), Andouillette de Troyes (French champion 2014, European champion 2015, French champion 2017, French champion 2018, French champion 2019, French champion 2022)...


Opening from 01 January 2024 to 31 December 2024
Tuesday 09h00 to 12h45 and 15h00 to 18h30
Wednesday 09h00 to 12h45 and 15h00 to 18h30
Thursday 09h00 to 12h45 and 15h00 to 18h30
Friday 09h00 to 12h45 and 15h00 to 18h30
SaturdayUntil 18h30 and From 08h00