Jardin Juvenal-des-Ursins

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Framed by Paillot-de-Montabert, Charbonnet, Champeaux and the ruelle des Chats streets, a Renaissance-style garden has been created behind the Hôtel Juvénal-des-Ursins.

Mixing intimacy and sought-after plant composition, this 500 m² green space was imagined by the City based on the sketch proposed by Éric Pallot, Chief Architect of Historic Monuments. The facades and trees of the garden are highlighted by LED lighting.
In addition to their aesthetic interests, the selected species (trees, flowers and plants) combine history and ecological qualities because they contribute to developing biodiversity in the heart of the city. This garden also contributes to the enhancement of the Hôtel Juvénal-des-Ursins, the jewel of the "Beau 16e s. troyen" and creates a new urban breath.

March 16 to October 14, 9 am to 7 pm
October 15 to March 15, 9am to 6pm

This garden has been designed to be accessible to all persons with reduced mobility.


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