Eglise Saint Vincent de Paul


Saint-Vincent-de-Paul church is a fine example of religious buildings built in the second half of the 19th century.

The use of brick and the absence of a transept bear witness to this architectural period. The staggered roofs visible from the entrance are reminiscent of the slenderness of 16th-century Gothic churches.

Most of the stained glass windows are made by Vincent Feste, a master glassmaker from Troyes, who was responsible for numerous restorations of the 16th century stained glass windows. The stained glass windows of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul are beautifully crafted, with shimmering colours and detailed, detailed decorations. Cécile Boël, master glassmaker from Auboise, has embellished the church of Bréviandes with a modern stained glass window in November 2012.