Château de Barberey Saint-Sulpice


The formal garden of this castle built in 1626, was recreated from 1965 by its current owners.

The castle, surrounded by moat and a river, is naturally extended by the sharpness of the patterns carved boxwood tree, the expanses of lawns dotted with topiaries and hedges of hornbeam.
The wooded park that occupies the remainder of the estate consists on beautiful remarkable trees, like a gingko biloba and a Virginia tulip tree. We can also see annual flowers, perennials and fruit trees such as cherry and fig trees. The castle, made from a blend of brick and characteristic stone of style Louis XIII, it was declared a historic monument since 1980 for its appearance. The rest of the building is listed on the Supplementary List of Historic Monuments since 1930.

Park open from 1st August to 15th September: 10am – 12am and 2pm – 6pm.
Open during Heritage Days and Rendez-vous in the gardens.
All year round by appointment for groups.


Single rate without any reductions : 3 €
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Single rate without any reductions Min: 3€ Max: 3€
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  • Group reception up to 40 people