Eglise Saint-Martin

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Thanks to the generosity of the village's inhabitants and the energy of its curé-doyen from 1860 to 1880, Abbé Laurent, I've been brought up to date.

The government (that of Napoleon III) was increasingly favorable to the Church, by calculation. The clergy was submissive and numerous. These are just some of the reasons why a small village like Lusigny was able to rebuild part of its church and completely rethink it.

Admire the beautiful 14th-century Virgin Mary, skilfully restored and showcased, the shrines from Larrivour Abbey, notably the one containing the remains of Jeanne la Recluse (died 1246), and the framed catechism images gathered at the entrance. But what gives me unity are the magnificent stained-glass windows from the Champignolle workshop in Bar-le-Duc and the Vincent Feste workshop in Troyes. They depict the faith of the Champagne region in the century of great transformations: Saint Loup, Saint Savinien, Saint Germaine and Saint Mathie for the local saints, Saint Gervais and Prothais, Saint Vincent de Paul, the apostle of charity, Saint François Xavier, the apostle of evangelization, Saint Augustine and his mother Saint Monica, living images of faith... and the sacraments: the Eucharist... pious practices: the Rosary... After 150 years, this well-preserved ensemble is precious, a rare witness, by its very unity, to a moment in the history of the faith.

*Description of Saint-Martin church from the Grands Lacs de Champagne Intercommunal Tourist Office website.