Mairie de La Vendue-Mignot

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La Vendue-Mignot is located in an area devoted to agriculture and forestry, and belongs to the canton of Les Riceys.

Its geographical position is remarkable: the commune is located in the center of the Aube département, 5 minutes from the Troyes conurbation (20 km from the center of Troyes). The A5 freeway entrance (St Thibault) is 10 minutes away, and the D444 is not far from the commune, in the direction of Cormost: this is the Troyes-Chaource axis. The commune covers an area of 727 ha of woods and forests. It takes the form of an extended village-street, between two main historical centers: the village of La Vendue-Mignot and the hamlet of Beaucaron. The built-up area also includes a number of small villages, such as the Marivas farm and a few buildings on the edge of the Bordes Aumont finage.

Within this area, housing is almost exclusively concentrated along the D1.

The traditional buildings are remarkable for their forms: longères, courtyard buildings, etc., and their materials: wood, terracotta for roofing, quoins and timbering, limestone, etc. La Vendue-Mignot boasts a rich natural heritage: sensitive natural areas, numerous orchards, a network of hedgerows, etc.

These distinctive features seem to be appreciated: old housing is being restored, new housing is being created, young families are moving into the commune: a vast territory with a spread-out urban space, building boundaries to be contained and clarified, sensitive areas to be protected, urbanization to be controlled and assessed as a whole...

source : www.troyes-champagne-mé


Opening from 01 January 2024 to 31 December 2024
Thursday 09h00 to 13h00
Friday 09h00 to 12h00 and 13h30 to 18h00