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The territories and the Tourist Offices had sensed it: green tourism, individual, outdoor and inspiring/experiential activities were a real trend after the confines of the health crisis.

Key points and food for thought :
. The number of cyclists is almost twice as high as in the 2000s (22 million cyclists),
. 4 types of cyclists: strollers (25 km/day) = 16 million, sportsmen = 2 million, city cyclists = 7 million, itinerants = 800,000,
. More than 20% of foreigners are interested in cycling (with attractive purchasing power),
. The average expenditure for a bicycle hiker is 68€ compared to 55€ for a classic tourist (source ADEME), longer stay, he takes his time,
. Hiking concerns 20 million walkers (including 2 million itinerants),
. The suitability of this activity for our region is essential, as it is in total harmony with the offer, with the possibility of returning to nature and/or slowing down,
. Rise of the electrically assisted bicycle (VAE): 7% of the fleet,
. Activities favouring inter-generational relations, “bicycle therapy”, complete autonomy, awareness of being master of one’s own time.