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An experience to be lived in total freedom!

What is geocaching?

Between high-tech treasure hunting and orienteering, Geocaching is coming to Troyes in Champagne.

With the help of a hiking GPS or your telephone (with a geocaching or GPS application), wander through the maze of medieval alleys and little-known areas, discovering clues and solving riddles that will allow you to discover that the real treasure is plural, so much so that the pleasure of the eyes, the sharing, the rediscovered flavours of childhood and the unique experience are within everyone’s grasp, and are conducive to a bucolic and different discovery of our region.

It is an invitation to relax for “young and old”, sharpen your sense of observation, your flair, soak up any clues that might provide you with a key and set off on an adventure to decipher the geolocation codes and solve the riddles to discover the “geocaches” (these are boxes containing objects that are generally worthless and intended to be exchanged and a booklet).

Write your comment, exchange an object and put the box back. When you get home, share your discovery with the community on the site and you’re back to being a modern-day explorer.