For 6 people– Preparation time: 10 min – Cooking time: 50 min

100 g flour – 8 eggs – 250 g caster sugar – 100 g potato starch – 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar

  • Mix the eggyolks with the sugar in a bowl. When the mixture turns white, add the vanillasugar, floor and potato starch.
  • Whisk the eggwhites until very firm and incorporate them to the mixture.
  • Butter the cakemould that has to be big enough so the dough will not fill more than the twothird of it.
  • Bake at very lowheat for 50 minutes.

If you want to remake the exact recipe of Parmentier for his dinner on the 21st of October 1787, do not put any flour but 200 grams of starch.