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The city of Troyes, concerned about a good welcoming of tourist coaches, offers a free, long-term parking lot.

It is convenient and easy to access 24 hours a day, located only a few steps away from the historical heart of Troyes. The new parking of the train station (which is not free) is also available for coaches day and night.
In addition, drop-off and pick-up areas have been created right in the city center so the groups can access easily to the different places of interest.

Parking for tourist coaches:

Free long-term parking areas:

  • Esplanade, General Charles Delestraint Boulevard (except during fairs, exhibitions and other events)
  • Camille Claudel street, near the Ibis Troyes Centre hotel,
  • Jules Guesde Boulevard, in front of the 3 Seine skating rink,
  • Charmilles Mail,
  • Gambetta Boulevard, near the Madeleine theatre.

Secure parking (not free):

  • On the SNCF train station area, Ravelin street,
    Mandatory booking 3 days prior to coach arrival at: or by phone: +33(0)3 51 14 19 25,
  • Parking price during the day from 8am to 11.59am and from 2pm to 16.59pm, Monday to Saturday: €4 (including tax) for 2 hours, €0,50 (including tax) for each additional 30 minutes.
  • Parking price at night form 9pm to 6.59am, or on Sundays and public holidays from 7am to 8.59pm: €10 (including tax).

Drop-off and pick-up areas:

  • Along Alexandre Israël Square, at the corner between La République street and Emile Zola street,
  • Along the Préau Square, on La Fontaine Quay.