Aube rétro tourisme



My name is Michel Floirat. Curious about everything and everyone, I have travelled a lot in many countries. Today, I will take you in a vintage car (Peugeot 504 or others ... ) on the small roads of the southern Champagne region to discover the last vineyards of Champagne before the big blue, but also the museums and the exceptional heritage of the region such as the house of General de Gaulle and its memorial, the Napoleon museum in Brienne le Château, the champagne cellars of Epernay, the Drappier house in Urville, the Motte Tilly castle, a jewel of the XVIIIth century architecture, or why not the astonishing Vix vase (500 BC) in its small museum full of information. C) in its charming little museum in Châtillon Sur Seine.

These are all journeys, full of beauty and curves, from the Iron Age to the Second World War. Indeed, what could be better than a vintage car to drive at a gentle pace, between forests, hills and undulating plains burnt by the sun, the beautiful countryside of Aubois or the Bar coast, a gentle ridge punctuated by golden vineyards in autumn.

Don't hesitate to tell me about your tastes. I will be able to invent a tailor-made tour for you and show you some of my secret addresses, such as this winegrower who produces a unique cuvée from a rare Arbanne grape variety, or this intact 12th century cellar: a raw beauty that can be seen in the span of its slender arches.

This Southern Champagne will seduce all travellers, foreign or French, curious about the other and about a French art of living, where elegance vies with authenticity.