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The Camille Claudel Museum in Nogent-sur-Seine

This museum, opened in March 2017, houses 200 sculptures from the 19th and early 20th Centuries, illustrating one of the most prolific chapters in French sculpture. Forty-three works by Camille Claudel give an insight into every stage and facet of her career as an artist.

They act as the continuation of an ensemble of 150 sculptures representative of the very prolific production of the time, from Alfred Boucher to Auguste Rodin via Paul Dubois and even Antoine Bourdelle. This perspective shows the extent to which Camille Claudel was emblematic of her time, whilst at the same time establishing herself as a profoundly original voice.

Camille Claudel was living in Nogent-sur-Seine when she rose to her calling as an artist, when she was still a teenager. Today, the house in which she lived forms a wing of the massive building that houses the museum. Designed as a “lighthouse visible day and night”, the building, with its brick cladding, has a contemporary shape that blends into the urban landscape whilst calling to mind the clay so beloved as a material by sculptors.

At the limits of Aube and Champagne, in the close vicinity of Île-de-France and Burgundy, Nogent-sur-Seine inspired Gustave Flaubert to write “Sentimental Education”.
Even today, strolling through the streets in search of beautiful homes and timbered houses is a real pleasure.

10 rue Gustave Flaubert – 10400 Nogent-sur-Seine
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Art activity workshops

Family workshops
On the fourth Sunday of every month, parents and children have the opportunity to get creative on a single theme. After viewing some of the works in the museum, where visitors of all ages can share their opinion, everyone heads for the workshop to flex their creative muscles and gain a new appreciation of the collection.
For ages 4 and up. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
Price: €5 per participant

Young People workshops
During school holidays, the Visitors Department organises workshops to allow children and teenagers to gain a better understanding of the works in the museum. Participants will view one or more works and then engage in an artistic activity such as working with clay, which will deepen their understanding of the collection.
For ages 5 and up.
Price: €5 per child
Must be booked in advance

Storytelling and readings
Storytelling opens the door to vivid accounts of characters like Jason, Orpheus, Narcissus, Perseus and even Shakuntala. Readings from antique sources, poems and epic texts also let you see the works of art in a different light.

Themed tours
Tour every 2nd Sunday of the month at 15:00
Price: €3 + entry ticket to the museum
Places limited, booking recommended

Discover the collections” tour
This one-and-a-half hour discovery tour gives an initial taster of the museum and its collections. Why is there a Camille Claudel museum in Nogent-sur-Seine? Why are there so many sculptures in a public place? What is open-edition sculpture? What are the new ways of representing the movement that symbolise so well the 19th Century? Once returned to the context of the sculptures she created at the time, the personality of Camille Claudel shines through clearly.

“Discovering Camille Claudel 1864-1943””
This themed tour lends a historical and biographical dimension to Camille’s Claudel’s career, via our collections.

Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel through the collections
The works on show illustrate the years of profound complicity and the artistic ties between two sculptors who met in 1882 and were to have a passionate love affair together.

Group visits

From Tuesday to Sunday, groups can benefit from a guided tour with a lecturer of the museum or an external guide.
Booking is requested at least 21 days in advance.

Guided tour with a lecturer of the museum
25 people per group. For groups over 25 people, it is necessary to split the group in two.
Booking in advance requested

Visits are available in English, Italian and German.

Adult groups with an external guide
25 people per group. For groups over 25 people, it is necessary to split the group in two.
Booking in advance requested
People who wish to speak on a free tour have to provide a proof of speaking rights.

Information for all activities:
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Joint entrance ticket with the Château of La Motte-Tilly

At only a few kilometres from the Camille Claudet Museum, the Château of La Motte-Tilly is a fully furnished 18th Century summer home. In 1754, Father Joseph Terray, the future Controller-General of Finances under Louis XV, had the current château constructed. The residence was entirely refurnished in the 20 Century and is surrounded by a 60-hectare park and a 1,080-hectare estate.

Useful information for the museum :

Opening times :

  • 1 November – 31 March           11:00-18:00, Wednesday to Saturday       Open until 19:00 on Sundays.
  • 1 April – 31 October 11:00-18:00, Tuesday to Saturday  Open until 19:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.