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Rattan is a very specific material that has been very fashionable over time and still seduces.

To find out more, join an introductory course and the workshop offered by Anne LAMSDORFF in her studio.

After being drawn to her vocation through her passion for antiques and second-hand items, she was trained in the techniques of caning and tapestry by professionals.

Today, she has become an art craftsman, specialised on the techniques of caning and tapestry. She will introduce you to her professional universe and will give you the best advice about interior decoration. She will share with you her knowledge about different types of wood and styles of seats. 

Caning started in France in the 17th century, at the time of Louis XIV. It consists in weaving rattan cane (Rotang cane imported from India) on frames. The comfort and sturdiness of caning were arguments in favour of the development of this technique to all types of furniture rather than only chair, which was the object of the first realisations. Today, we can find sofas, armchairs and even headboards that illustrate perfectly how this style of decoration is appreciated.

Two opportunities are available to you:

  • A free presentation of the workshop and caning activity for about an hour, for a maximum of 5 people. Only by appointment except on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.
  • A 2-day caning workshop from 9am to 6pm – maximum of 6 people and day on demand with prior booking. All equipment is provided but you will have to bring your own lunch box. Price for 2 days: 150 euros per person.                  

Happy to offer different services, Anne LAMSDORFF also teaches children over 12 years old heritage crafts through the association « l’Outil en Main de Troyes » (“Tools in hand in Troyes”), of which she is the proud vice-president. She offers a caning and tapestry workshop with the making of a stool.

Therefore, do not hesitate and go discover or learn an ancient but absolutely topical technique in today’s decoration tendencies.  


  • Telephone : +33 (0)6 84 24 64 65
  • Duration of the workshop: from 9am to 6pm
  • Conditions: subject to a minimum of 5 people participating
  • Payments accepted: Cash – Cheques
  • For the workshop: equipment provided – Bring your own lunch box
  • Other services: free presentation of the activity at the shop – duration: about 1 hour, except on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday