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This commune covers an area of nearly 4km² and has around 4870 inhabitants who are known as ‘Mariepontains’. It is adjacent to Troyes and is less than 4km from the city centre. It can be reached directly from the ring road and is less than 10 minutes from the nearest junction of the A26 between Calais and Troyes.

Pont Sainte-Marie is the first town in the départment of Aube to create an Ecodistrict. Located on the former Moulinet military base at the end of Rue Moulinet, it was set up in 2010.

The commune is thriving both economically and socially, and is home to many businesses, including one of the largest factory outlets in Europe. Mac Arthur Glenn attracts more than 2 million visitors each year. The link between the environment and social life of the town has been recognised with the award of two flowers by the Villes et Villages Fleuris organisation.

The respect for biodiversity is another pillar of this sustainable development policy. It is well reflected by the Lebocey park preservation, a real green lung of 14 hectares, rich of a remarkable arboreta and a protected fauna, especially thanks to its classification as a LPO refuge (Birds Protection League). An educational and conservatory orchard, the presence of beehives, the implementation of a reasoned management, among other initiatives, complete this approach.

Pons Sancte Mariae, which became Pont Sainte-Marie, was an important staging post in the Gallo-Roman period as it was the only bridge north of Troyes and an important crossroads on two Roman roads. The Seine is the natural border between Troyes and Pont-Sainte-Marie. Alongside the river, at the end of Rue Pasteur, is the 16th-century church of Notre-Dame-de-l ’Assomption. It has been classified as an historic monument since 1895, a year after its 16th-century stained-glass windows were classified.

One of its windows, which shows an allegory of the fight between Protestants and Catholics, is attributed to Linard Gontier and dates from between 1590 and 1593. The church consists of three main sections and has three doorways that all have a similar structure, but the fine detailing on each shows significantly different influences. 

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