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This commune covers an area of 5.7km² and has around 970 inhabitants who are known as ‘Lavautins’. It is located less than 5km from Troyes city centre. Located on the eastern ring road, it is also linked to Troyes by the D78. It is less than 10 min from junction 23 (Thennelières) of the A26 between Calais and Troyes.

It has a nursery school and a primary school, a public library, associations that offer sporting and creative activities, and a retail park outside the village. It has been awarded one flower by the Villes et Villages Fleuris organisation. Lavau offers a lively, pleasant place to live where its green environment is respected.

In 2014 Lavau gained national and international attention with the discovery of a royal tomb dating from the beginning of the 5th century. This was found in a burial ground that began to be used in the 14th century BCE. The deceased was buried on a chariot in a burial chamber within a burial mound.

Grave goods including gold bracelets, a bronze cauldron and black-figure pottery made this discovery truly remarkable for archaeologists and made Lavau an incomparable historic site.

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