This commune covers an area of 7.3km² and has 3,090 inhabitants who are known as ‘Ribocortins’. It is located in the suburbs west of Troyes, 4km from the city centre. It is reached via various routes, including the D660 from the Pays d’Othe and the ring road. La Rivière de Corps is 5km from junction 20 (Torvilliers) of the A5 from Paris. 

La Rivière de Corps is an urban commune with beautiful views of the countryside due to the exceptional rural landscape of the Vallée de la Vienne, which runs from west to east through the commune. It is a real pleasure to make the most of this wonderful place for a walk which links different communes within the urban area. 

La Rivière de Corps has numerous sports clubs and leisure activities, schools and shops, making it a great place to live. The attention paid to the quality of the environment has been rewarded with two flowers from the Villes et Villages Fleuris organisation.

La Rivière de Corps commemorates its history in the First World War memorial. The square column decorated with the victory palm is located in the Mairie garden. In Avenue du Général Leclerc, between numbers 45 and 47 of the road to Sens, there is a monument to those who were shot on 25 August 1944 when the town was liberated. 

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