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The unique land of Troyes La Champagne…

The Metropolis of Troyes Champagne is convinced that our region is rich with hidden assets just waiting to be discovered, and has developed its tourism promotion brand “Troyes La Champagne” in association with leading names in the tourism industry.

Although our region is popular for its history, its values and its authenticity, it was important to come up with a sustainable position to consolidate its unique character.

A rich local soil

Proud of a particularly rich soil to which champagne is merely the most noble witness. Fields left open to nature give way to vineyards, forests and lakes, the source of innumerable open-air activities. Many centuries of history await visitors at the corner of every street. This history is also welcoming and generous.

In shops, just like everywhere else in the region, you can find a local at every turn happy to give you some useful advice and tell you about some spots that only the locals know. This historic region is also at the cutting edge of fashion thanks to its factory outlet centres, where the renowned labels that started life in Troyes and elsewhere draw in millions of visitors.

Warm, hospitable, sporty, traditional and contemporary and above all cheerful…we are a convivial destination par excellence.

Convivial Champagne

When you visit Troyes, you take your time… We value local products, encounters and walks, and we approach cities with a different state of mind from the rest of Champagne.

Meeting people, discovering local culture and experiencing life from a truly local point of view are what our visitors are really looking for. You do not simply visit a region; you experience it, and you aim to appreciate just what makes it special, off the beaten track of the convention tourist circuits.

And who better than a local partner to help you discover local culture and know-how? Especially as the concepts of human values, sharing and conviviality are at the very heart of local mentalities! Whether you visit as a family, as a couple or with a group of friends, local hospitality will make sure you get a true taste of the region.

Under this approach, visitors take charge of their own stay, and residents are veritable ambassadors for their own beloved region, which they strive to present in the best possible light.

This mutual enrichment will lend your stay in Champagne a whole new dimension and create a unique win-win experience for everyone.

A shared brand              

Troyes La Champagne is both a shared brand and a strategic campaign launched in order to reveal “our” Champagne: convivial, hospitable and cheerful.

It is shared because it belongs to all of us and can thus be used by any of us: restaurateurs, shop-owners, hosts and anyone wanting to form part of the campaign and promote the destination.

The brand and the campaigns that accompany it were designed to allow everyone to contribute in their own way to the promotion and development of our region as a tourist destination.