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This commune covers an area of 9.2km² and has nearly 785 inhabitants who are known as ‘Taupins’ due to the large number of earthworms in Saint-Léger! The village is located in the suburbs of Troyes and is adjacent to Buchères, Bréviandes, Rosières and Saint-Germain. It is 8km south of the city centre. Saint-Léger is 5km from junction 21 (Saint-Thibault) of the A5 from Paris.

With 679 hectares of farmland and 108 hectares of woods, the commune retains a rural feel. About fifteen sports, social and cultural associations provide a variety of leisure pursuits and organise occasional events. The verdant natural environment of Saint-Léger is due to two tributaries of the Seine that pass through the commune, the Hurande and the Triffoire.

In Rue de la Joncière, the Ferme Musée Rustique is a living-history museum that invites you into the world of the past thanks to its completely restored timber-framed buildings, agricultural implements and collection of objects that bring the rural life of yesteryear alive today.

There are tours and lectures, and visits end with the owner reading poetry as you gather around the log fire.

The village has in the past been known by several other names: Montreuil, St-Léger sous Cervet, St-Léger sous Bréviandes, and finally Saint-Léger-près-Troyes. The church dates from the 16th century and is dedicated to Saint-Léger. It has been classified as an historic monument since 1980.

The church is typical of the region and has a nave and aisles of the same size and height. This design is known as a ‘hall church’ and there are about twenty churches of this type in Aube.  

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