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This commune covers an area of 13.8km² and has 2284 inhabitants who are known as ‘Germinois’. It is made up of the main village and 3 hamlets: Lépine, Chevillèle and Linçon. Saint-Germain is located south-west of Troyes and the N77 to Auxerre passes through it. It is about 10 min from junction 20 (Torvilliers) of the A5 between Paris and Troyes.

Saint-Germain offers a way of life that balances the convenience of the town with the charm of the countryside. It has a thriving community with associations, shops, and facilities for sports and culture, such as the multimedia library and the ‘La comédie Saint-Germain’ theatre. Everything is located in a pleasant, green environment which has been awarded three flowers by the Villes et Villages Fleuris organisation.

The 16th-century church, which is dedicated to Saint-Germain d’Auxerre, is located in the middle of the village. It has suffered the ravages of time and the western half of the church collapsed in 1936-37, which has left it with a most unusual façade.

Only the choir, formed of an apse and two bays, survives, but its 16th-century stained-glass windows, which were classified as historic monuments in 1894, are still remarkable for the quality of the detailing and their overall design. Whilst Linçon has lost its church, the church in Lépine survives. It still stands in Rue de l’Eglise, off the main road.

The building dates from the 12th and 16th centuries and was heavily restored in the 19th century. It is dedicated to Saint-Barthélémy and its 16th-century stained-glass windows were classified as historic monuments in 1913.

Saint-Germain and Lépine each have a war memorial where respects are paid to the combatants of the two world wars on the various days of remembrance.

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