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This commune covers an area of 6.1km² and has nearly 2540 inhabitants who are known as ‘Bréviandois’. It is located in the suburbs south of Troyes, about 5km from the city centre. Reached from Troyes via the Boulevard de Dijon or the western ring road, it is located just over 5 minutes from junction 21 (Saint-Thibault) of the A5 from Paris.

It has a nursery school, a primary school, a library, various social and cultural facilities, and many voluntary organisations which all make Bréviandes an independent and lively place. Bréviandes town centre has public transport links with the rest of the Troyes conurbation and a range of shops, health services, banks and leisure facilities to meet a variety of everyday needs.

The hamlet of Villepart is next to Bréviandes and provides the commune with a natural environment perfect for strolls along the Seine and its tributaries. The banks of the Seine were formerly used for bathing and are still very much appreciated by residents. For several centuries Bréviandes was the site of a lepers’ hospital, ‘La Léproserie des Deux Eaux’ due to the presence of plenty of water. There is still a debate as to exactly where it was located.

Set back from the main road, Avenue M. Leclerc, the church of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul is a good example of religious architecture from the second half of the 19th century. The use of brick and the lack of transepts are typical of churches of this period. The varying heights of the roof that can been seen from the entrance recall the height of 16th-century gothic churches.

Most of the stained-glass windows were made by Vincent Feste, a master glassmaker from Troyes who undertook the restoration of many 16th-century windows. With vibrant colours and detailed decoration, the windows of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul are beautifully made. Cécile Boël, a master glassmaker from Aube added a modern stained-glass window to Bréviandes church in November 2012.

In Rue de l’Egalité, the First World War memorial has the bust of a helmeted soldier in front of the flag, standing on a square column.

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