This commune covers an area of 8km² and has 235 inhabitants who are known as ‘Villemereuillois’. It is located 15km south of Troyes. Reached via the D25 or the D123, it is 6 minutes from junction 20 (Saint-Thibault) of the A5 from Paris.

Made up of the main village and the hamlet of Bierne, Villemereuil stretches out among the gently rolling fields. In the distance on one side is the hill of Montaigu, and on the other the woodland of the Forêt d’Aumont. The rural cottages of the Auboise countryside stand alongside more recent buildings in this thriving village.

The Château de Villemereuil stands between the village and the hamlet.  Dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, the façades and roofs of the main part of the château, and its two wings have been classified as historic monuments since 1971. Once a meeting place and site of aristocratic inheritances, the château today is private property.

Next to 16 Rue Fusin in the hamlet of Bierne, Villemereuil’s wash house is a witness to the social history of the residents between the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Almost buried, only the roof can be seen above the grass. But having been well restored it has become a secret corner of Villemereuil combining rural charm and memories of yesteryear.

To the west of the village, at the crossroads of the D25 and D25bis, Villemereuil’s wayside cross, known as ‘La Croix Blanche’ has been classified as an historic monument since 1977. Along the D123 a plaque has been attached to the Mairie beneath a victory palm. It pays homage to those who died in both world wars.

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