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This commune covers an area of 12km² and is home to just over 460 inhabitants who are known as ‘Messoniers’. It is located 13km west of Troyes and can be reached via the D83. It is about 5 minutes from junction 20 (Torvilliers) of the A5 from Paris.

There are many associations offering various activities in the village. Stories and legends – especially local ones – are told at the “A l’aube du conte” group. Walks, creative workshops and the choir are also year-round activities.

The hunting society and the firefighters’ friendly society also share their passions with the community. The commune is a few kilometres from Fontvannes and Bucey-en-Othe with which it shares a primary school and out of school club.

To the north-east of the village is the church of Saint-Pierre-ès-liens, the apse and transept of which date from the 16th century. The nave, designed in the 19th century in a 16th-century style, is a later addition to the building. Several of its furnishings are listed as historic monuments

For example, there is an 18th-19th-century painted ceramic bust of Edme François Congniassé Desjardins de Fontvannes and a very fine small carved wooden statuette of the Virgin of the Assumption that is painted and gilded. The statuette dates from the 17th century and its mount from the 19th century.

To the north-west, in the Rue du Château, the fortifications of the Château de Messon are still visible. To the south, the Demeure d’Errey with its dovecote can be found alongside the D83. To the east of the village a cast iron soldier from the first world war stands on a plinth, ready to face the enemy.

This type of sculpture is modelled on the work entitled “On ne passe pas” and can be found on the First World War Memorial in several other French villages.

Mairie de Messon -‍15 Grande Rue  – 10190 MESSON – Phone: –
Opening hours:

  • Tuesday from 11am to 12pm and then from 5.30pm to 7pm
  • Friday from 4pm to 5.30pm

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