This commune covers an area of 11.7km² and has around 500 inhabitants who are known as ‘Théobaldiens’. It is located south of Troyes and adjoins Buchères. Reached via the D66, D93 or the D671, Saint-Thibault is 13km from Troyes city centre, and 3km from junction 21 of the A5 from Paris.

Although the commune is classified as being ‘peri-urban’, the village has retained its agricultural character. Saint-Thibault is located in a lush natural environment close to the Seine.

 It has a variety of infrastructure including a village hall, youth centre and sports stadium. Each year the ‘Rencontres Théobaldiennes’ convene in a different city to experience European culture and to share and preserve the heritage of Saint-Thibault.

For several years, historical research has facilitated the sharing of knowledge, and the creation of cultural and tourist links. Friendships have been forged between Belgians, Italians and French, who are all share a passion for St Thibault, or Theobald.

Theobald traveled along ancient routes that took him from Provins – his home town – to Belgium, Germany, Santiago de Compostela, and finally to Northern Italy, where he died. He is still venerated widely today.

His relics were dispersed, especially around Champagne, and some are here at Saint-Thibault. In the middle of the village, on the West Door of the church of Saint-Thibault there is a 16th-century sculpture  that was rescued from the fire that destroyed the previous church. The present church was built in 1924.

On Grande Rue, an obelisk and memorial stone pay homage to those who died in the First and Second World Wars.

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