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This commune covers an area of 8km² and is home to just over 380 inhabitants who are known as ‘Prugneaux’. It is located 14 km south-west of Troyes and can be reached via the D53 or by taking the D83 from Messon. Located ten minutes from the N77 between Auxerre and Troyes, Prugny is about 5 minutes from junction 20 (Torvilliers) of the A5 from Paris.

Situated in a green valley, the commune of Prugny has been awarded two flowers by the Ville et Villages Fleuris organisationThe festivities committee and Prugny’s relaxation and leisure club help to make the commune a great place to live.

The church of Saint-Nicolas was rebuilt in the 18th century following a disastrous fire in 1690. The stained-glass windows date from the 19th centuryPrugny retains a wealth of church furnishings many of which are listed as historic monuments, including a 14th-century wooden Madonna and Child and three carved and gilded wooden processional poles dating from the 19th century. 

There is also a 16th-century gilded wood statuette of Saint Evêque and many 18th-century objects, including the glided and painted oak and imitation-marble high altar, a crucifix, a painted wooden medallion depicting the annunciation, a gilded and painted Madonna and child and an eagle lectern.

There are many crosses dotted around the country areas of Prugny, and the first world war memorial was placed at crossroads of the two main roads – Grande Rue and Rue des Maîtres – in 1920.

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