Hôpitaux Champagne Sud


The Champagne Sud Hospitals bring together all the public hospitals of the Aube and Sézannais regions as well as the GCS Clinique de Champagne. Their general manager is Philippe Blua.

Here are the 7 establishments:
- The Troyes hospital (also a support establishment for the GHT of Aube and Sézannais)
- The GHAM (Aube-Marne Hospital Group, comprising the Romilly-sur-Seine, Nogent-sur-Seine and Sézanne hospitals)
- The EPSMA (Etablissement public de santé mentale de l'Aube)
- The CH Saint-Nicolas of Bar-sur-Aube
- The CH of Bar-sur-Seine
- The GCS Champagne Clinic
- and an EHPAD, the Cardinal de Loménie residence (Brienne-le-Château)
They are members of the GHT of Aube and Sézannais.