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Laboratoire culturel - Consulting & Design

The concept:

CulturistiQ Laboratoire culturel supports your cultural projects in their creation and development.
We add value to and promote your cultural sites and projects through cross-disciplinary support based on adapted marketing, educational and digital tools, and the creation of museographic and tourist itineraries that reflect your identity.

Where necessary, CulturistiQ works in partnership with specialists in digital technology, cultural engineering, scenography, graphic design or historical studies, to meet your overall requirements.

CulturistiQ Laboratoire Culturel helps you to promote the richness of your heritage to your audiences, responding to your local or international needs and the specificities of your project.

CulturistiQ Laboratoire culturel is also a place for exploration, on the web or in situ, where you can ask questions about :
- professions and trends in tourism,
- culture and books,
- the impact of new technologies on the future of these professions,
- participatory cultural initiatives,
- new ways of discovering cultural sites and territories, and protecting and promoting our heritage.

You can find our posts, thoughts and points of view, backed up by in-depth articles on cultural and tourism news, on our blog: