Aube 10 Taxis


AUBE 10 TAXIS is represented by 25 professional taxis, each one a company manager, located in 22 Auboises municipalities, around Troyes and in the Troyenne agglomeration.

Always have a taxi close to you or your place of pickup!

We provide all services related to the Taxi activity for companies and individuals.

Our telephone system allows you to reach a taxi directly from 7am to 8pm. Listening, he will organize himself to answer your request as soon as possible or, if necessary, he will take note of your subsequent appointments.

You can also make your reservations online using our simplified form. In this case, you will be contacted promptly at the telephone number indicated on the form to confirm your trip.

Most of our taxis are licensed to transport seated patients as well.

Some of our taxis are able to carry small parcels, and others are equipped with 8-seater vehicles for group travel.

We provide small and long distances, your travel to stations (Troyes station, Paris...) and airports (Roissy, Orly, Vatry...),

We also provide transport for children or elderly people by providing the necessary support for everyone.