« Terres&Vignes » (Land & Vineyard) and the « Gîtes de France » made a useful map to guide you through safe wanders.
This map lists the labeled « Gîtes de France » accommodations, the educational farms, and the local producers so you can discover the area and its products.

« Terres&Vignes » first helped to locate local producers on a map so anyone can go and buy local products of their own choice. They now innovate in association with « Gites de France » by offering a map dedicated to nearby tourism, with all the accommodations and local food businesses within 100 km round.
This map is named « The « Terres&Vignes » (Land & Vineyard) and Gîtes Roads » and lists the accommodation as well as the local producers in the departments of Aube, Haute-Marne, Yonne, Côte d’Or and Marne. It is updated daily.

The use of the map remains simple so anyone can discover their territory and the surroundings, to 100 km away from their home, and then change for new consumption habits in the long run through local agriculture.

The association between « Terres&Vignes » and the « Gîtes de France » was created naturally thanks to their shared values: supporting a region, offering innovative services to locals and to their neighbors.

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François Ziesaire, the « Terres&Vignes » President, explains:
« The idea of this map was to continue our work on the previous one while adding more offers thanks to the « Gîtes de France » group. For 9 weeks, French people have been locked down into their houses or apartments. They now wish to get some fresh air and get away within the 100 km limit that was set. When I talked with Yannick Fassaert, the « Gîtes de France » of Aube President, we realized how diverse and rich was our territory and the land of our neighbors, which we probably never took the time to explore. Now is our opportunity! »

Yannick Fassaert, the « Gîtes de France » President, adds: 
« Today, it is necessary and obvious to bring together our values and skills so people can explore or rediscover our region and its jewels. Such a union shows our willingness to work together and defend our shared and inseparable values, such as making agriculture more attractive, enjoying the outdoors fully… It is essential so everybody can enjoy peaceful and unforgettable holidays. »

The main features of this map :

  • Accommodation is open and puts into practice the sanitary protocols validated by the Ministry of Tourism for the safety of visitors.
  • Local products from the 5 departments to discover and taste
  • Equestrian and educational farms
  • Quick access to the contact details of the host and the producer
  • 2 colours: blue for local productions and red for accommodation