Parcours d’orientation


A permanent orientation course is set up in the Parc des Moulins. Available in different formats, it is aimed at families as well as teachers and their pupils.

Thus, the company CAP Orientation, specialising in orientation activities, has created several routes in the Parc des Moulins at the request of the City of Troyes.

A fun way to discover the site!

The permanent orientation course is made up of 40 wooden markers and an information board:

- The bollards:
Each post is numbered to check that the post found is indeed the one you are looking for.
Each bollard is also equipped with a pair of pliers to punch the boxes of the control boxes (each pliers leave a different punch print).

- The information panel
It allows to highlight the Parc des Moulins and to inform about the installation of the permanent orientation course as well as the proposed routes.

Three variations of orienteering courses:

Playful, sporting and educational courses are proposed and allow the practice of orienteering to a large public.
They are composed of :
- 3 Kle'o courses (green, blue, red), the Treasure Hunt for 2 to 6 years old.
- 1 case including educational booklets and exercise cards (6 sessions) for elementary schools
- 1 CAP Patrimoine, discovery trail of local heritage


Opening from 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022