Square des Trois Godets

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The "ru" disappeared and the square des Trois Godets At n ° 34 rue de la Cité, the route du Meldançon, a ru which bordered the first enclosure of the Gallo-Roman city of Augustobona Tricassium and which has disappeared today, has been materialized on the road by paving stones. The route passes under the Hospice St Nicolas which covered the stream when it was built in 1836. In the 15th century, slaughterhouses, then known as massacres, killings or flayings, were set up along the watercourse. The Abattoir Quay on the banks of the Seine has kept its name. At n ° 36, the Pont Ferré house, typical of the 16th century in Troyes, takes its name from the toll levied by the bishop until 1530 on the horseshoes of the mounts that crossed the nearby bridge. At the back of this house, on the Square des Trois Godets side, we can see in the basement a beautiful stone vault which once spanned the stream which passed under the building. Former rue de la Petite-Boucherie which bordered the Meldançon, the square owes its current name to a former hotel under the Trois-Godets brand. Quiet and shaded, it is the ideal place to admire the apse of the cathedral and the painted half-timbered houses dating mainly from the 17th century.