Moulin de l’Abbaye de Montieramey

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On the occasion of the "Journée du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins", the Montieramey Abbey Mill opens its doors to you.

A bit of history:
The foundation of the abbey:
A priest of the diocese, named Arremar, founded a Benedictine monastery in 837 on land given to him by Count Aleran, a faithful servant of the Emperor. Charles the Bald in 854 grants him important rights and domains (this is the oldest deed in the Archives of the Aube). The abbey becomes rich and powerful. Poor people, attracted by this prosperity, come to work for it, in exchange for the help and protection of the monks.
It is in the course of this very long history that the abbey's mill was created to the west of the site, on the river Barse.
The mill was used to grind grain; this was its primary function. The water reservoir had other virtues, it made it possible to feed the fish reserves of the monks and the abbot and to irrigate the monks' garden through a system of canals.
The existing building :
The miller's house and the mill cage we see today were probably built just after the revolution. Within the walls of these buildings there are many remains of the abbey church, which was destroyed after the revolution and used as a quarry for materials.
Small Hydroelectricity :
The mill operated until the 1960s. The turbine, installed at the end of the 19th century, having remained operational, it was possible, after restoration, to transform the mill into an electricity production facility connected to the EDF network. Of course, considering the characteristics of the river, the production is modest; it nevertheless represents the equivalent of the electricity consumption of about twenty households.
Historical heritage - landscape heritage
When the mill was put back into service at the beginning of 2016, the mill was restored to its original appearance, which can still be seen on various postcards from the beginning of the 20th century.
The facades of the remaining abbey buildings are now once again reflected in the calm waters of the Barse.
Meeting point : Montieramey Abbey Mill


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