L’art du vitrail à Troyes


The art of stained glass or the "Memory of glass".

It is one of the most admirable legacies that medieval artists have left to the Cité des Comtes de Champagne.
The Stained glass finds its blossoming in the 13th century. The Master Glassmakers are closely associated with the Compagnonnage des Bâtisseurs de Cathédrales.

In Troyes, the most famous artists founded a real school (16th century). The last great artist known is Linard Gontier (early 17th century) before the rebirth of the great dynasties of the 19th century.

The "Memory of Glass" has become a permanent feature of our city. While benefiting from considerable technical improvements: better quality lead weights, more advanced welding equipment, a range of colours from around ten to nearly 3000, the method has remained the same.

Troyes is a real experimental "in situ" laboratory for the protection and restoration of old stained glass windows: as such, some of the Cathedral's stained glass windows are equipped with computer-assisted protection systems.

The department of Aube is the richest in France with 9000 square meters of glass roof, from the 13th to the 19th century, and Troyes is named by the specialists "Ville Sainte du Vitrail".