Ancien Hôtel du Commandeur

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Rue Général Saussier was called rue du Temple for seven centuries, until 1906, because the Order of the Temple had installed there around 1186 its commandery in Troyes. The Templars are knights who give themselves the mission to protect the pilgrims in "holy land" (that is to say in Palestine and everywhere where the "Infidels" dominate Christians) and to finance the repurchase of prisoners or the construction of ships , hospitals and forts for the Crusaders. Founded in 1119 by Hugues de Payns (village located 15 km from Troyes) helped by Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, the Order is very present in the region. The Counts of Champagne also play an important role in the Crusades. The financial power of the Temple nevertheless arouses jealousy and suspicion, leading to its abolition in the 14th century. The hotel burned down in the Troyes fire in 1524. It was rebuilt in 1639, in the pure Louis XIII style, based on stone and brick, by Noël Bruslard, Marquis de Sillery, new master of the Hospital Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (today Order of Malta). Since 1953 it has housed a school of the Oblate Sisters of Saint Francis de Sales.


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