Troyes Chante

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History of the creation of the association Troyes Chante

After several years of hesitation, we started in the summer of 2020. The aim of our association is to offer a regular programme of French-language songs, highlighting professional artists with little media coverage.

With a partnership with the venue Le Quai, we will offer you several times a year (once every two months to begin with, more if the public responds) to discover singers for whom the texts and writing provoke emotion with each listening.

The programming will be provided by Fred Castel, with more than 120 concerts organised within the Chants de Gouttière association (sponsored by Gérard Morel), which he created and whose programming he has been in charge of during the 12 years of its existence in Chaumont, from Yves Jamait to Guillaume Aldebert, from Gilbert Laffaille to Anne Sylvestre, from Henri Tachan to Francesca Solleville, including Marie Cherrier, Bernard Joyet, Nathalie Miravette, Michel Buhler, Agnès Bihl, Richard Desjardins, Loïc Lantoine?


Cultural activities

  • Performing arts
  • Singing and choir