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Marian MESAROS offers you 20 minutes of coaching with electro-stimulation and personal follow-up per session, which is equivalent to 4 hours of sport.

The sessions are adapted to the level and objectives of each individual. The concept is to integrate an electronic system into a suit. This system will then send electrical impulses to the muscle fibres.

Electrostimulation is an ideal activity for people who have little time for sport. But it is also an excellent complement to other sports activities.
The sessions are particularly effective and can be done up to two times a week.

The i-motion machine works by distributing low-frequency, painless impulses that dynamically stimulate the muscles to oppose them. The use of this machine multiplies by 20 the results obtained with traditional weights.

I-Motion allows you to work each muscle group thanks to a specific and individual programme.
There is no mobility or joint stress, which avoids the risk of injury.

Sessions by appointment only.


Course : of 20€ at 40 €
Rate Min. Max.
Course Min: 20€ Max: 40€


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