Ecole de musique de L’Aurore


Welcome to the Aurore, the Orchestra School!
Being a musician, what a joy...

But between the solitary work of the instrument and the frightening solfeggio, how many musicians die before having been able to taste the joy of living, shared music?

Fortunately, there is the Aurora! The Aurora is above all an orchestra. Because playing an instrument takes on its full meaning when you get together to play your part in an orchestra. L'Aurore welcomes all types of music and all levels of musicians, from the youngest to the most experienced.

With two main principles:

- No off-putting theory beforehand, just music.

- Music is shared: it is played together and heard. With its orchestra school, L'Aurore welcomes all instrument families. Woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, almost everything is possible at L'Aurore.

L'Aurore is a non-profit association. It allows everyone, children and adults, to learn music and play together in an orchestra.

"One of the greatest pleasures in music is to make others love it!


Cultural activities

  • Singing and choir
  • Instrumental music