Atelier de poterie nomade

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Make contact with the earth.
Discover the pleasure of working with clay.

Nomadic pottery workshop.

At home, in your living room, in your kitchen, in the premises of your club, of your association...

How to do it?
Emma comes with the clay, the tools and her know-how.

Who will come?
Children, teenagers, adults and seniors. In groups of up to 8 people or individually.

When is it?
On the occasion of a birthday, a snack or any other event. Or on a regular basis.

Duration ?
The workshop can take place over one or more hours, depending on your age, your project, your availability, your budget...

Emma takes your works to be fired in her oven and brings them back to you finished.

Do not hesitate to contact Emma on 0679450758 or by email



  • Adult workshop
  • Children's workshop

Cultural activities

  • Pottery